Unlock the Sky with Julian Alarcon – Aviation Expert, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

Welcome to the world of Julian Alarcon, a passionate aviation expert, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and family man. Dive into the captivating story of Julian’s journey from humble beginnings in Colombia to becoming an accomplished aviator in New York City, and discover how his dedication and determination have helped countless people find their wings.

The Inspiring Story of Julian Alarcon

Julian’s remarkable journey began in Colombia, where he moved to the United States in 2000 without speaking English. Despite being a lazy student in high school, Julian chose to join the military, where he discovered his passion for aviation. While still on active duty in the US Navy, Julian completed his pilot training and eventually transitioned to flying corporate jets and then to the airlines. Today, Julian is a highly skilled Airbus and Triple Seven pilot with a love for sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

Expanding Horizons Through Aviation & Entrepreneurship

Julian’s dedication to aviation goes beyond the cockpit. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he launched JD Aero Services in Florida in early 2010 which became Aviator.NYC 2020 which offers flight training and flight simulator experiences in Manhattan. His ventures have opened up countless opportunities for networking and learning from inspiring individuals across various industries. Julian’s passion for aviation has also led him to create FlyCalm.NYC, a unique business aimed at helping people overcome their fear of flying, and AeroEdge.NYC, an aviation consultancy focused on unmanned aircraft systems. JD Aero Services, LLC is an aviation marketing consultancy in NYC

Embrace the Sky with Julian Alarcon

Whether you’re an aspiring aviator, seeking to overcome your fear of flying, or looking for expert guidance in the unmanned aircraft industry, Julian Alarcon is here to empower and inspire you. Join Julian on this incredible journey and let your dreams take flight.