What’s up, Pixel Pals and Mushroom Kingdom Allies of Miss. Catt’s 202 class!

🗓 Date: Friday, May 24th
Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM – Quest Duration!
📍 Venue: To be revealed (it’s a surprise level!)
🎮 Theme: Crafting & Questing in the Worlds of Minecraft and Mario Bros!

It’s a-me, Mario! Just kidding, it’s Alejandro’s invitation to a birthday bash where every block and mushroom brings us closer to fun. We’re plotting a celebration map that’s more thrilling than finding diamonds, and we want you on our party raid!

RSVP Below:

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Our Game Plan (shh, it’s still loading):

  • Mystery Activity: Bowling? Maybe! Adventure? Definitely! Get those game faces on for whatever challenge awaits us.
  • Arcade Expedition: Will you be the one to jump the highest, collect the most coins, or smash the record scores? There’s only one way to find out!
  • Power-Up Buffet: Feast like it’s a banquet in Peach’s Castle or a cookout in Steve’s world.
  • Pixel-Perfect Decor: Keep your eyes peeled for a Lava Block or a sneaky Shy Guy as you party.

Ready for the Next Level? Smash that RSVP question block so we know you’re game! Fill out the embedded form here to secure your slot in our party roster.

Epic Loot Awaits: Stumped on gifts? Check out Alejandro’s Lego Wishlist, his Amazon Wishlist, or contribute to his grand quest for knowledge with a gift to his 529 plan (code: 53D-P7Y). Whether it’s blocks or books, your gifts will build worlds!

Game Planner Extraordinaire (Alejandro’s dad) is stacking blocks and setting up for the ultimate party quest. No need to bring your pickaxe; we’ve mined all the fun for you!

Dress Code: Channel your inner Steve or Mario with some themed gear, or just come as you are—every adventurer is welcome, armor or not!

It’s a party level designed for all the valiant heroes of Alejandro’s guild. So, let us know—will you join the party raid? Let’s jump, stack, and roll into the celebration!

Can’t wait to gather all our pals for a real-world adventure that’s sure to be a hit! RSVP now and stay tuned for the big venue reveal. It’s going to be legendary!